Autumn Elegance: 28 Breathtaking Fall Wedding Centerpieces

fall wedding centerpiece

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Fall weddings are a celebration of love amidst the splendor of changing seasons.

With nature providing a stunning backdrop of vibrant colors, there’s no better time to infuse your special day with creative and beautiful elements that capture the essence of autumn.

From rustic charm to elegant opulence, fall wedding centerpieces can bring warmth and enchantment to your wedding reception.

We’ve gathered a mix of budget-friendly and more elaborate ideas, along with helpful tips if you want to try your hand at DIYing these centerpieces. I hope these 28 inspiring ideas to help make your fall wedding unforgettable.

Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Mason Jar Charm

A fall wedding centerpiece featuring a mason jar filled with autumn leaves, small white pumpkins, and a few sprigs of baby’s breath on a burlap runner.

Helpful Tip: Collect colorful fall leaves from your local park and use mini pumpkins as accents to keep costs down while adding a personal touch.

Rustic Lanterns

A fall wedding centerpiece with rustic lanterns housing LED candles, surrounded by acorns and pine cones on a wooden slice.

Helpful Tip: Use battery-operated LED candles to ensure safety and longevity throughout the event.

Pumpkin Vases

A fall wedding centerpiece using mini pumpkins hollowed out and filled with marigolds and mums, set on a lace doily.

Helpful Tip: Use an ice cream scoop to hollow out the pumpkins and insert a small plastic cup inside to hold water for the flowers.

Candle Trio

A fall wedding centerpiece consisting of three varying height candles in glass holders, placed on a bed of artificial fall leaves.

Helpful Tip: Choose unscented candles to prevent competing with the food aromas and creating an overwhelming scent at the table.

Corn Husk Display

A fall wedding centerpiece featuring a vase filled with dried corn husks and wheat stalks, wrapped with twine.

Mini Apple Baskets

A fall wedding centerpiece with small baskets filled with red apples and interspersed with cinnamon sticks.

Helpful Tip: Choose small, uniformly-sized apples and add a dusting of edible glitter for sparkle.

Acorn-Filled Jars

A fall wedding centerpiece utilizing clear jars filled with acorns and a single taper candle in each.

Helpful Tip: Collect acorns in advance and bake them at a low temperature to eliminate any pests before using them in your display.

fall wedding centerpiece

Simple Gourd Arrangement

A fall wedding centerpiece comprising a collection of small gourds and mini pumpkins arranged around a central pillar candle.

Helpful Tip: Spray-paint some of the gourds in metallic colors for an added touch of elegance and visual interest.

fall wedding centerpiece

Fall Leaf Bowls

A fall wedding centerpiece with shallow bowls filled with colorful fall leaves, flowers, and a few pine cones.

Helpful Tip: Preserve the leaves by coating them with a glycerin solution to keep them looking fresh throughout the event.

Hessian Bottles

A fall wedding centerpiece featuring wine bottles wrapped in hessian fabric, holding single sunflower stems.

Helpful Tip: Secure the hessian fabric with hot glue or double-sided tape and add a decorative ribbon for a polished look.

Twig Bundles

A fall wedding centerpiece with bundles of twigs tied with ribbon, in a tall glass vase.

Helpful Tip: Collect twigs of similar thickness for consistency and spray them with a clear sealant to prevent shedding.

fall wedding centerpiece

Simplicity in Glass

A fall wedding centerpiece of a single large sunflower in a simple glass vase surrounded by mini pumpkins.

Ornate Candelabra

An elaborate fall wedding centerpiece with a tall candelabra draped with crystal garlands, surrounded by a wreath of autumn flowers like dahlias and roses.

Helpful Tip: Rent candelabras from a wedding rental company to save on costs and achieve a luxurious look without the expense of purchasing.

Golden Pumpkin Vase

An elegant fall wedding centerpiece featuring a large gold-painted pumpkin filled with an arrangement of burgundy and cream flowers, accented with eucalyptus.

Helpful Tip: Use metallic spray paint on a real or faux pumpkin and let it dry completely before arranging the flowers inside.

fall wedding centerpiece

Rich Harvest Cornucopia

A fall wedding centerpiece with an overflowing cornucopia containing seasonal fruits, flowers, and foliage, placed on a mirrored tray.

Helpful Tip: Use a variety of textures and colors in your cornucopia to create a bountiful and visually appealing display.

fall wedding centerpiece

Velvet Pumpkins

A luxurious fall wedding centerpiece with elegant velvet pumpkins mixed with tall brass candlesticks and cascading greenery.

Helpful Tip: Purchase or make velvet pumpkins in advance and pair them with thrift-store candlesticks painted gold for an upscale, coordinated look.

Autumn Floral Cascade

An elegant fall wedding centerpiece with a tall glass vase and cascading arrangements of deep red roses, orange dahlias, and trailing ivy.

Helpful Tip: Arrange flowers in layers, starting with the base and working your way up to create a full, cascading effect.

fall wedding centerpiece

Geometric Terrariums

A modern fall wedding centerpiece featuring gold geometric terrariums filled with moss, succulents, and small fairy lights.

Helpful Tip: Arrange the succulents and moss first, then carefully place the fairy lights to ensure they are evenly distributed and visible.

Elegance in White

A sophisticated fall wedding centerpiece with white pumpkins adorned with ivory roses and eucalyptus, set on a delicate lace runner.

Helpful Tip: Use faux pumpkins and flowers if you need to prepare the centerpieces well in advance to avoid any wilting or decay.

Copper and Greenery

An elegant fall wedding centerpiece with copper vases holding lush greenery and white hydrangeas, accompanied by copper votive candles.

Helpful Tip: Spray-paint inexpensive vases or recycled cans with copper paint for a cohesive and budget-friendly look.

Tall Birch Branches

A striking fall wedding centerpiece with vases containing tall birch branches intertwined with fairy lights and surrounded by autumn flowers.

Helpful Tip: Secure the branches in the vase with floral foam and wrap the fairy lights around the branches to ensure even coverage and stability.

Elegant Floral Ring

A lavish fall wedding centerpiece featuring a circular floral ring with rich-colored blooms and a tall hurricane lamp in the center.

Helpful Tip: Use a floral foam ring base to create the circle and insert flowers evenly around the ring for a balanced and symmetrical look.

Lavish Lanterns

An extravagant fall wedding centerpiece with tall lanterns housing LED candles, adorned with garlands of fall florals and berries.

Helpful Tip: Attach the garlands to the lanterns with floral wire or glue dots to ensure they stay in place throughout the event.

Antique Gold Frames

An elegant fall wedding centerpiece featuring antique gold frames with the couple’s monogram and small floral arrangements.

Crystal and Gold

A luxurious fall wedding centerpiece with crystal vases filled with gold-sprayed leaves and deep wine-colored roses.

Helpful Tip: Use gold spray paint on fresh or faux leaves and arrange them in crystal vases for a glamorous and cohesive look.

Elegant Wheat Sheaves

A sophisticated fall wedding centerpiece featuring tall glass cylinders with gathered wheat sheaves with some dried flowers, accented with satin ribbons.

Helpful Tip: Tie the wheat sheaves with ribbon tightly to keep them together, and use a small amount of hot glue to secure the ribbon in place.

Luxurious Velvet Table Runner

An opulent fall wedding centerpiece with a deep green velvet table runner adorned with clusters of gold pumpkins, ivory candles, and rich foliage.

Helpful Tip: Purchase a velvet fabric remnant and cut it to size for your table runner, then arrange the pumpkins and candles in clusters for visual interest.

Gilded Fruit Centerpiece

An elegant fall wedding centerpiece with a mix of gilded fruits (apples, pears) complemented by dark red peonies and trailing jasmine on a bed of autumn leaves.

Helpful Tip: Use edible gold spray paint to coat the fruits, ensuring they are safe to handle and display around food.

fall wedding centerpiece

My Final Thoughts

Creating stunning fall wedding centerpieces can transform your wedding into a magical autumn celebration.

Whether you opt for simple and budget-friendly designs or elaborate and elegant arrangements, these ideas will bring the beauty of the season to your special day.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match elements to reflect your unique style and vision. Remember, the most important aspect is that your centerpieces add to the joy and aesthetic of your memorable occasion. Happy planning!

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