Autumn Bliss: 22 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Bouquets

Fall Wedding Bouquet

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When it comes to fall weddings, the season’s rich colors and textures can infuse your special day with warmth and beauty.

The palette of autumn offers a unique opportunity to create breathtaking floral arrangements that celebrate the vibrancy of the season.

From the deep reds of maple leaves to the golden hues of sunflowers, fall bouquets can add a touch of natural elegance to your wedding. Here are 22 stunning fall wedding bouquets that will bring the essence of autumn to your celebration.

fall wedding bouquets

Fall Wedding Bouquets

Rustic Charm

A vibrant and warm bouquet perfect for a countryside wedding, featuring hand-tied sunflowers, dahlias, and chrysanthemums in bright yellows, deep oranges, and rustic browns.

Elegant Burgundy

This sophisticated cascade bouquet includes roses, calla lilies, and hypericum berries in deep burgundy, blush pink, and rich greens, creating a romantic and elegant look.

Golden Harvest

Evoking the richness of the harvest season, this round bouquet uses marigolds, mums, and wheat stalks in golden yellow, burnt orange, and earthy tones.

Autumn Foliage

Inspired by nature, this wild and natural arrangement features eucalyptus, maple leaves, and asters in red, orange, and green foliage, perfect for an outdoor celebration.

Cozy Romance

A sweet and romantic compact posy of dahlias, roses, and carnations in soft peach, muted pink, and cream, ideal for an intimate ceremony.

Vintage Autumn

With a nostalgic, vintage feel, this loose and organic bouquet combines antique hydrangeas, garden roses, and scabiosa in dusty lavender, mauve, and sage green.

Berry Bliss

Rich in color and texture, this structured bouquet features hypericum berries, roses, and chrysanthemums in burgundy, red, and dark green, perfect for a bold statement.

Simple Elegance

An understated yet elegant minimalist bouquet focusing on simplicity, made with white roses and eucalyptus in white and silver-green.

Pumpkin Spice

Capturing the essence of fall, this round bouquet includes orange roses, marigolds, and fern fronds in pumpkin orange, gold, and green.

Moody Blues

A dramatic bouquet with a touch of mystery and elegance, featuring blue thistle, delphinium, and black calla lilies in deep blues, purples, and blacks.

Blushing Fall

Delicate and charming, this romantic bouquet includes peonies, ranunculus, and scabiosa in blush pink, ivory, and soft green, perfect for a fairytale wedding.

Sunset Glow

Inspired by autumn sunsets, this asymmetrical bouquet is vibrant and eye-catching, with dahlias, zinnias, and sedum in sunset orange, coral, and burgundy.

Nature’s Palette

With a fresh and airy garden-style, this bouquet features cosmos, snapdragons, and dusty miller in soft pink, white, and gray-green.

Farmhouse Chic

Full of charm and warmth, this loose bouquet includes sunflowers, lavender, and greenery in yellow, purple, and green, perfect for a rustic chic wedding.

Timeless Whites

Ideal for a sophisticated celebration, this formal bouquet combines white hydrangeas, orchids, and lisianthus in pure white and green.

Rust-Toned Beauty

Reflecting the beauty of fall, this hand-tied bouquet features chrysanthemums, dahlias, and roses in rust, copper, and bronze.

Falling Leaves

Bringing the outdoors in, this organic bouquet includes maple leaves, roses, and berries in deep red, orange, and brown.

Wildflower Magic

A joyful and whimsical freeform bouquet with wildflowers, daisies, and ferns in mixed colors of yellow, white, and green.

Autumn Jewel

Luxurious and rich, this lush bouquet features amaranthus, orchids, and roses in jewel tones like emerald, ruby, and gold.

Soft Neutrals

Perfect for a classic wedding theme, this subtle and elegant bouquet combines peonies, roses, and baby’s breath in cream, beige, and soft green.

Forest Enchantment

Inspired by the forest, this woodland bouquet includes ferns, moss, and woodland flowers in green, brown like toffy roses, and white, creating an earthy and enchanting look.

Crimson Passion

A bold bouquet with striking colors, featuring red roses, dahlias, and snapdragons in crimson red, dark purple, and green, perfect for a dramatic effect.

My Final Thoughts

Fall weddings offer a unique opportunity to incorporate the vibrant and rich hues of the season into your floral arrangements. Whether you prefer a simple, elegant bouquet or a more elaborate and dramatic design, the options are endless.

I hope these 22 stunning fall wedding bouquets capture the essence of autumn, ensuring that your special day is filled with natural beauty and seasonal charm.

Celebrate your love amidst the splendor of fall with a bouquet that perfectly complements your wedding theme.

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