12 Fall Wedding Color Palettes for Future Brides

Fall wedding

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Fall is a magical time of year to say, “I do.” The crisp air, vibrant foliage, and rustic charm create the perfect backdrop for a memorable wedding. One of the first—and most crucial—steps in planning your autumn nuptials is choosing the right color palette.

To help inspire you, here’s a detailed look at twelve stunning fall wedding color schemes, each designed to capture the unique essence of the season.

Fall wedding colors

Fall Wedding Colors

Burnt Orange and Sage Green

Burnt orange and sage green evoke the rich, earthy tones of fall, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your wedding day.

Decor: Embrace rustic charm with burnt orange table runners, sage green napkins, and wooden accents like centerpieces made from reclaimed wood or tree stumps. Add some twinkling fairy lights for a cozy, intimate feel.

Flowers: Create lush bouquets featuring dahlias, marigolds, and plenty of greenery, such as eucalyptus and ferns. These colors and textures complement the season’s natural beauty.

Clothing: Dress your bridesmaids in elegant sage green dresses, while groomsmen can don charcoal suits with burnt orange ties or pocket squares to tie the look together.

Plum and Gold

Plum and gold offer a luxurious and sophisticated color scheme, perfect for an elegant fall wedding.

Decor: Choose rich plum linens paired with gold flatware, candle holders, and chargers. To create a regal atmosphere, complement the setup with deep purple and gold drapery.

Flowers: Arrangements can include dark purple lilies, rich plum roses, and gold-tinted foliage. These elements add depth and sophistication to your floral arrangements.

Clothing: Have your bridesmaids wear deep plum gowns, while the groomsmen can sport navy suits with gold accessories like cufflinks and ties for a cohesive look.

Mustard Yellow and Burgundy

Mustard yellow and burgundy are bold and beautiful colors that reflect the vibrant hues of autumn leaves.

Decor: Mustard yellow tablecloths with burgundy centerpieces and accents create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Use vintage-style lanterns and string lights to enhance the ambiance.

Flowers: Combine sunflowers, burgundy chrysanthemums, and sprigs of autumn leaves in your bouquets and table arrangements to capture the essence of fall.

Clothing: Bridesmaids will shine in mustard yellow dresses, while groomsmen look dapper in tan suits with burgundy ties, creating a balanced and appealing contrast.

Navy and Copper

Navy and copper bring a touch of modern elegance to a fall wedding, merging cool and warm tones seamlessly.

Decor: Navy table runners, copper lanterns, and string lights set the stage for a chic and modern fall wedding. Incorporate metallic accents through vases and candle holders for added elegance.

Flowers: Feature blue thistle, white roses, and copper-dipped foliage in your floral arrangements to seamlessly blend these two striking colors.

Clothing: Bridesmaids can wear navy dresses, while groomsmen complement them in grey suits with navy vests and copper boutonnieres, creating a harmonious look.

Emerald and Ivory

Emerald and ivory offer a timeless, classic color palette that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Decor: With emerald green drapery, ivory table settings, and crystal chandeliers, you can evoke an atmosphere of timeless elegance and sophistication.

Flowers: Choose white hydrangeas, ivory roses, and emerald greenery such as ivy and ferns to create luxurious and classic floral arrangements.

Clothing: Your bridesmaids will look stunning in emerald dresses, while groomsmen can wear black suits with emerald ties, ensuring a polished and refined appearance.

Rust and Teal

Rust and teal are distinctive colors that make a bold statement, perfect for couples looking to stand out.

Decor: Teal tablecloths, rust-colored napkins, and vintage brass accents make for an eye-catching and memorable decor scheme. Think antique candelabras and mismatched china for added flair.

Flowers: Use rust-colored mums, orange ranunculus, and teal accents like succulents to create unique and vibrant bouquets and centerpieces.

Clothing: Bridesmaids can be dressed in striking teal dresses, while the groomsmen wear brown suits with rust ties, ensuring a bold and coordinated wedding party.

Wine and Blush

Wine and blush create a romantic and warm ambiance, perfect for an intimate fall wedding.

Decor: Wine-colored linens, blush pink candles, and rose gold accents exude romance and warmth. Soft lighting and plush fabrics will enhance the intimate feel of your venue.

Flowers: Wine-red roses, blush peonies, and dusty miller make for beautiful and fragrant floral arrangements that perfectly match this romantic palette.

Clothing: Dress your bridesmaids in blush dresses and have the groomsmen wear dark grey suits with wine ties for an elegant and cohesive look.

Chocolate Brown and Peach

Chocolate brown and peach offer a warm, inviting palette that blends beautifully with the natural colors of autumn.

Decor: Chocolate brown table runners paired with peach flowers and golden candle holders create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Incorporate wood elements and soft lighting for added coziness.

Flowers: Peach roses, brown foliage, and baby’s breath combine to create charming and fresh floral arrangements that reflect the season’s hues.

Clothing: Bridesmaids will look lovely in peach dresses, while groomsmen can wear chocolate brown suits, creating a perfect balance between soft and rich tones.

Olive Green and Terracotta

Olive green and terracotta provide a natural, earthy palette ideal for an outdoor or rustic fall wedding.

Decor: Olive green tablecloths, terracotta planters, and earthy pottery lend a natural, organic feel to your wedding decor. Use burlap and lace accents for added texture and charm.

Flowers: Olive branches, terracotta colored roses, and white lilies come together to create simple yet stunning floral arrangements that highlight nature’s beauty.

Clothing: Bridesmaids in olive green dresses and groomsmen in beige suits with terracotta ties will create a harmonious and stylish wedding party.

Dusty Blue and Cranberry

Dusty blue and cranberry offer a sophisticated and fresh look, combining cool and warm tones beautifully.

Decor: Dusty blue linens, cranberry centerpieces, and silver accents provide a sophisticated and fresh look. Use elegant glassware and chic table settings to elevate the decor.

Flowers: Dusty blue hydrangeas, cranberry dahlias, and grey foliage create stunning floral arrangements that beautifully blend these cool and warm tones.

Clothing: Bridesmaids in dusty blue dresses and groomsmen in navy suits with cranberry ties will ensure a cohesive and visually pleasing bridal party.

Charcoal and Marigold

Charcoal and marigold create a striking and dramatic color scheme, ideal for a bold fall wedding.

Decor: Charcoal tablecloths, marigold flowers, and black metallic accents create a striking and dramatic setting. Add in black candle holders and gold-rimmed dishes for a touch of elegance.

Flowers: Marigold chrysanthemums, grey foliage, and white roses make for bold and beautiful floral arrangements that stand out.

Clothing: Bridesmaids in marigold dresses and groomsmen in charcoal suits will create a vivid and stylish contrast that’s perfect for fall.

Latte and Forest Green

Latte and forest green offer a natural, earthy palette that’s both sophisticated and timeless.

Decor: Latte colored table runners, forest green centerpieces, and wooden tableware create a natural and earthy vibe. Use plenty of greenery and rustic elements to enhance the look.

Flowers: Forest green ferns, latte-colored roses, and white lilies come together to create elegant and timeless floral arrangements.

Clothing: Bridesmaids in forest green dresses and groomsmen in latte-colored suits with green ties will create a sophisticated and harmonious wedding party.

My Final Thoughts

Choosing the right color palette for your fall wedding sets the tone for your entire celebration. From deep, rich hues to lighter, nature-inspired shades, these twelve color schemes offer a range of options to suit any bride’s vision.

Each palette captures the essence of the season, ensuring that your autumn wedding is as beautiful and memorable as the love you are celebrating.

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