It’s Teatime! 25 Creative Afternoon Tea Themes You Will Adore

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

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Afternoon tea, a quintessentially British tradition, dates back to the early 1840s. It was introduced by Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, as a way to stave off hunger between lunch and dinner. It’s basically an upscale snack time!

This delightful practice soon evolved into a social event featuring a variety of teas, finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries.

Today, afternoon tea remains a beloved occasion for gatherings and celebrations.

But if you want to throw an afternoon tea it can be a little daunting especially if you want to do it with a twist. Here are 25 creative themes to inspire you and make your next afternoon tea a blast!

Creative Afternoon Tea Themes

Afternoon Tea Themes

I give suggestions on tea and food, but please don’t feel that’s a must. You know your guests and what they like. For example, If they love green tea, go with green; if you have guests sensitive to caffeine, grab some herbal teas or decaf tea.

Classic English Tea

A timeless celebration featuring traditional elements like scones with clotted cream and cucumber sandwiches. Set in a quaint English garden with fine china and Earl Grey tea.

Tea: Earl Grey, English Breakfast
Food: Scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, cucumber sandwiches
Decor: White lace tablecloth, fine china, and quaint English garden backdrop or bring flower inside.

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Garden Tea Party Theme

An outdoor affair filled with fresh flowers, herbal teas, and garden-inspired bites is perfect for a spring or summer gathering. Colorful floral arrangements like wildflowers and a natural setting create a vibrant atmosphere.

Tea: Herbal teas like chamomile, mint
Food: Garden salad, floral-themed desserts
Decor: Fresh flowers, outdoor setting with colorful arrangements

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Vintage Tea Party

Step back in time with antique teacups, lace tablecloths, and vintage styled pastries.

Ideal for those who appreciate the charm and nostalgia of old-fashioned afternoon tea.

Tea: Assam, Darjeeling
Food: Mini Victoria sponge cakes, petit fours, classic pastries
Decor: Antique teacups and saucers, lace-covered table, vintage books

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Parisian Afternoon Tea

Bring a touch of Paris to your tea party with chic decor, French pastries, and fine French teas. Imagine yourself in a quaint Parisian cafe, complete with macarons and baguette sandwiches.

Tea: French Breakfast, Lavender
Food: Croissants, macarons, small french inspired past baguette sandwiches
Decor: Rustic wooden table, lace, chic Parisian cafe-style, Eiffel Tower motif

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Alice in Wonderland

Enter a whimsical world inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, with quirky decorations and playful treats. Perfect for those looking to add a touch of fantasy to their afternoon tea, this theme allows you to be random and slightly chaotic, which will add to the charm!

Tea: Chai, Peppermint, Fruit teas
Food: “Eat Me” cookies, quirky pastries
Decor: Whimsical decorations, lanterns or balloons, oversized playing cards, clocks

Victorian High Tea

Experience the elegance of the Victorian era with silver tea sets, dainty pastries, and opulent decor. This theme is all about sophistication and refinement.

Tea: Lapsang Souchong, Assam
Food: Dainty pastries, finger sandwiches
Decor: Silver tea sets, lace tablecloths, Victorian-era decor

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Chocolate Lover’s Tea

Indulge in a chocolate-themed afternoon tea with decadent treats and rich chocolate tea. Ideal for chocoholics looking for a reason to enjoy tea and, well, more chocolate!

Tea: Chocolate tea,  Earl Grey, and Chai (If you want a coffee-tea vibe, give Teeccino a try. I love it!)
Food: Brownies, chocolate-dipped strawberries, various chocolate pastries
Decor: Dark, luxurious table settings, rich fabrics

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Health Tea Party

A health-conscious tea party featuring green teas, gluten-free baked goods, and fresh fruits. Perfect for those who want to enjoy afternoon tea with a little less guilt.

Tea: Green tea, Detox tea blends
Food: Gluten-free pastries, fruit skewers, vegetable crudités
Decor: Bright colorful table setting, that brings out the natural colors of fruit and green tea.

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Royal Tea

Feel like royalty with a regal setup that includes fine china, premium teas, and luxurious decor. This theme is fit for a king or queen.

Tea: Darjeeling, Oolong
Food: Finger sandwiches, premium pastries
Decor: Fine china, tiered trays, gold accents, lush fabrics

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Italian-Inspired Tea

Transport your guests to Italy with biscotti, Italian pastries, and lemon tea. A rustic and inviting theme that captures the warmth of the Mediterranean.

Tea: Lemon tea, Almond Tea,
Food: Biscotti, Italian pastries, bruschetta
Decor: Rustic wooden table, Mediterranean inspired decor

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Asian Fusion Tea

A sophisticated fusion of Asian flavors with matcha tea, almond cookies, and other Japanese Cookies. Perfect for those looking to add an exotic twist to their afternoon tea.

Tea: Matcha, Green tea, Jasmine, Genmaicha 
Food: Asian-inspired cookies and pastries like Chinese almond cookies. Green tea or match-flavored desserts.
Decor: Elegant black and red dishes, Asian-inspired decor

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Southern Sweet Tea

Enjoy the charm of the South with sweet iced tea, biscuits, and pimento cheese sandwiches. This theme embodies the relaxed and welcoming spirit of Southern hospitality.

Tea: Sweet iced tea, or hot peach tea
Food: Biscuits, pimento cheese sandwiches, peach cobbler
Decor: Gingham tablecloths, shady porch setting

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Literary Tea

For book lovers, a literary-themed tea with classic novels and themed treats. Create an intellectual and cultured atmosphere perfect for a quiet afternoon of fun.

Tea: English Breakfast, Earl Grey
Food: traditional tarts and biscuits
Decor: Antique books, themed treats, literary props

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Flower Power Tea

Celebrate the beauty of flowers with this bright and cheerful theme. Serve floral teas and desserts amidst fresh blooms and pastel colors.

Tea: Hibiscus, Rose
Food: Lavender scones, rose petal jam (yes, it’s a real thing!)
Decor: Fresh blooms, pastel colors, floral decorations

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

DIY Tea Station

Encourage creativity with a DIY tea station where guests can blend their own teas. Offer a variety of loose-leaf teas and ingredients to mix and match.

Tea: Various loose-leaf teas, Honey sticks
Food: Lemon and lime slices, fresh mint, assorted pastries
Decor: Jars and vases filled with tea ingredients, inviting setup

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Kids’ Tea Party

A fun and colorful tea party tailored for children with kid-friendly snacks and teas.

If you don’t want to bust out the china for the kids I totally understand. And you can still keep with tea party theme with cute disposable tea cups! No worries about anything breaking!

Tea: Herbal teas, Juice
Food: Mini sandwiches, fruit cups, kid-friendly pastries like donuts and cupcakes
Decor: Balloons, cartoon characters, bright tableware

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Mediterranean Tea

Infuse Mediterranean flavors with baklava, hummus, and Moroccan mint tea. This theme brings the sunny and vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere to your afternoon tea.

Tea: Moroccan Mint, Chamomile
Food: Baklava, hummus and pita chips
Decor: Blue and white ceramics, olives, fresh herbs

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Christmas Tea

Get into the festive spirit with a Christmas-themed tea party featuring spiced teas and holiday treats.

Decorate with twinkling lights and ornaments for a cozy holiday feel. Now remember you don’t have to wait for Christmas…if it’s July you rock that Christmas in July theme!

Tea: Spiced teas, Cinnamon
Food: Gingerbread cookies, cranberry scones
Decor: Twinkling lights, ornaments, wintery backdrop

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Spring Tea

Welcome the new season with a spring-themed tea featuring light and fresh options. Use pastel colors and fresh flowers to create a delicate and airy atmosphere.

Tea: Jasmine, Green tea
Food: Lemon bars, asparagus tarts
Decor: Pastel colors, fresh flowers, delicate table settings

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Poolside Tea

Relax with a poolside tea party offering iced teas, refreshing snacks, and tropical fruits. Use cool colors like blues and set it up near the pool to create a breezy setting.

Tea: Iced teas, Tropical blends
Food: Seafood canapés, tropical fruit platters
Decor: Seashells, tropical flowers, and blue table cloth

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Highland Tea

Embrace the hearty flavors of Scotland with shortbread, oatcakes, and smoked salmon sandwiches. Use tartan fabrics and rustic decor to set the scene.

Tea: Scottish breakfast tea, Heather tea
Food: Shortbread, oatcakes, smoked salmon sandwiches
Decor: Tartan fabrics, rustic Highland decor

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Tea & Cheese

Time to be inspired by the classic wine and cheese with afternoon tea. Pair various cheeses with teas and serve tea-infused cocktails for a fun twist.

Tea: Oolong, Rooibos (red tea)
Food: Various cheeses, tea-infused cocktails, artisan bread
Decor: Sophisticated table settings, wine glasses, charcuterie boards

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Artisan Tea

Highlight local craftsmanship with artisanal teas and handmade treats. Create a cozy atmosphere with rustic decor and locally sourced products.

Tea: Locally sourced teas, Specialty blends
Food: Artisanal pastries, handmade chocolates
Decor: Cozy, rustic environment

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

Charity Tea

Host a charity tea party to support a good cause. Include donation jars, silent auction items, and invite special guest speakers to make the event meaningful.

Tea: Darjeeling, Ceylon
Food: Assorted pastries, finger sandwiches
Decor: Donation jars, silent auction items, guest speakers

Afternoon Tea Party Idea

By infusing these creative themes into your afternoon tea party, you can create memorable experiences for your guests. Each theme offers unique possibilities for tea selections, food pairings, and decor that will make your gathering both delightful and unforgettable

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