Rustic Romance: 20 Burnt Orange Wedding Ideas

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Choosing a wedding color scheme is one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day. It sets the tone for the entire celebration, influencing everything from attire to décor.

One color that has been gaining popularity for its warm, earthy vibes is burnt orange. This rich, versatile hue can transform any wedding into a stunning and unforgettable event.

Whether you’re looking for a rustic touch or a vibrant pop of color, here are 20 ways to incorporate burnt orange into your wedding.

And remember, just because you love burnt orange doesn’t mean you have to have a fall wedding. Even though it is a popular fall color, burnt orange can be used in other seasons as well.

Rustic Romance: 20 Burnt Orange Wedding Ideas

Burnt Orange Wedding Ideas

Bridesmaid Dresses

Outfit your bridesmaids in elegant burnt orange gowns. This bold color will make your bridal party stand out beautifully against any backdrop.

Helpful Tip: Choose different dress styles in the same shade of burnt orange to allow each bridesmaid to feel comfortable and look unique.

Burnt Orange Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses


Create stunning bouquets featuring burnt orange roses, dahlias, and ranunculus, complemented by greenery and neutral flowers.

Helpful Tip: Add texture to your bouquets with elements like dried grasses or berries to enhance the rustic feel.

For more bouquets that feature burnt orange check out Fall Wedding Bouquets.

Burnt Orange Wedding Bouquet


Add small burnt orange flowers like roses, marigolds or hypericum berries to the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres for a cohesive look.

Helpful Tip: Consider using silk flowers for boutonnieres to ensure they last throughout the entire day and evening.

Burnt Orange Wedding Boutonnieres

Ceremony Aisle

Line the aisle with burnt orange rose petals or scatter lanterns with burnt orange candles along the walkway for a dramatic entrance.

Helpful Tip: Opt for biodegradable rose petals to be environmentally friendly.

Burnt Orange Wedding Ceremony Aisle

Wedding Cake

Decorate the cake with burnt orange sugar flowers or use a burnt orange ombre effect in the frosting for a striking centerpiece.

Helpful Tip: Coordinate with your baker early on to discuss the exact shade of burnt orange you desire.

Burnt Orange Wedding Wedding Cake

Table Linens

Opt for burnt orange tablecloths or runners to set a bold foundation for your table settings. Pair with neutral napkins and gold chargers.

Helpful Tip: Rent linens from a local supplier to save money and ensure you have the perfect match.


Vases filled with burnt orange flowers and candles can create eye-catching centerpieces. For added texture, incorporate autumnal leaves and branches.

Helpful Tip: Mix various heights of vases and candle holders to add dimension to your tablescapes.

Burnt Orange Wedding

Chair Sashes

Wrap chairs with burnt orange sashes or ribbons to tie in the color scheme seamlessly.

Helpful Tip: Use fabric sashes rather than plastic for a more elegant and eco-friendly option.

Burnt Orange Wedding

Wedding Invitations

Incorporate burnt orange accents in your stationery, like borders, text, or wax seals, giving guests a preview of your theme.

Helpful Tip: Work with a professional designer or use online templates to customize invitations.

Burnt Orange Wedding


Choose burnt orange cloth napkins for a refined touch that complements your table décor. Fold them creatively to make them stand out.

Helpful Tip: Coordinate with your table linens to ensure the shades of orange complement each other perfectly.

Burnt Orange Wedding

Guest Book

Use a burnt orange guest book or table setting for your guest book that not only fits the color scheme but also becomes a beautiful keepsake.

Helpful Tip: Set up the guest book at the entrance of your reception to encourage guests to sign it as they arrive.

Burnt Orange Wedding


Utilize burnt orange uplighting or lanterns around the venue to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Helpful Tip: Test lighting options in advance to see how they interact with your venue’s existing lighting.

Burnt Orange Wedding


Design welcome and directional signs with burnt orange backgrounds and white or gold lettering to match the aesthetic.

Helpful Tip: Hire a calligrapher or use stencils to ensure your signage looks polished and professional.

Burnt Orange Wedding

Escort Cards

Arrange burnt orange escort cards on a display table, perhaps clipped to greenery or placed on a rustic wooden board.

Helpful Tip: Personalize each card with the guest’s name and table number to add a special touch.


Package wedding favors in burnt orange boxes or bags. Personalize them with tags that feature your names and wedding date.

Helpful Tip: Choose favors that reflect your personality or theme, such as homemade jams or succulents.

Burnt Orange Wedding

Cocktail Napkins

Customize cocktail napkins in burnt orange with your monogram or wedding logo to add a personal touch.

Helpful Tip: Order extra napkins to ensure enough for the entire event.

Burnt Orange Wedding

Ceremony Arch

Decorate the ceremony arch with drapes of burnt orange fabric intertwined with flowers and greenery to frame the couple beautifully.

Helpful Tip: Use floral wire and zip ties to securely attach decorations without damaging the arch structure.

Burnt Orange Wedding

Table Numbers

Use burnt orange table number holders or frames to keep the theme consistent across all tables.

Helpful Tip: Consider adding photos of the couple at each table to personalize the setting further.

Burnt Orange Wedding

Place Settings

Incorporate burnt orange charger plates or placemats. Pair them with elegant white or cream dishes for a sophisticated look.

Helpful Tip: Rent charger plates to save costs and ensure you have the right amount for all guests.

Burnt Orange Wedding

Dance Floor Décor

Enhance the dance floor area with burnt orange paper lanterns or hanging floral arrangements to keep the color theme throughout the space.

Helpful Tip: Ensure decorations are securely hung away from high-traffic areas to avoid accidents.

Burnt Orange Wedding

My Final Thoughts

Burnt orange is a versatile and vibrant choice for a wedding color scheme, adding warmth and elegance to your special day.

By thoughtfully incorporating this hue into various elements of your celebration, you can create a cohesive and visually stunning event.

From bridesmaid dresses to table settings, these ideas will help you achieve the perfect rustic romance theme.

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