12 Beautiful Eucalyptus Centerpieces For Your Big Day

tall eucalyptus centerpiece with roses

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Eucalyptus is a versatile and aromatic plant, perfect for creating stunning wedding centerpieces. Known for its calming fragrance and beautiful foliage, eucalyptus comes in several varieties like Silver Dollar, Seeded, and Baby Blue.

These types each offer unique aesthetics—Silver Dollar with its large, round leaves; Seeded eucalyptus adding texture with its seeds; and Baby Blue providing a delicate, fine-leaved appearance.

Whether you’re aiming for a simple, rustic charm or an elegant, sophisticated look, eucalyptus can be the star of your wedding decor. Here are twelve beautiful eucalyptus centerpieces to inspire you for your big day.

 Eucalyptus Centerpieces

Eucalyptus Centerpieces

Minimalist Glass Vase

A simple, elegant arrangement in a clear cylindrical glass vase filled with fresh eucalyptus branches. Complement this with white candles in small glass holders and white linen table settings for a clean, modern look.

Pro Tip: Use Silver Dollar eucalyptus for its large, round leaves to create a fuller appearance.

Eucalyptus Garland

A lush garland of eucalyptus running the length of a long banquet table, interspersed with white roses and baby’s breath. Add votive candles in mercury glass holders for an intimate, romantic ambiance.

Pro Tip: Mix in Seeded eucalyptus for added texture and visual interest.

Mason Jar Trio

Three mason jars filled with eucalyptus sprigs, arranged in the center of a round table. Each jar is tied with a raffia ribbon and surrounded by small tealight candles for a rustic yet charming setting.

Pro Tip: Use Baby Blue eucalyptus for its delicate, fine leaves that add a soft touch to the arrangement.

Elevated Arrangement

An elevated centerpiece featuring eucalyptus and white hydrangeas in a tall, gold geometric vase. Surround the base with smaller votives and greenery to add depth and elegance to a rectangular table.

Pro Tip: Elevate the arrangement using a clear or gold stand to keep the table surface free for dinnerware.

Copper Lantern

A copper lantern filled with eucalyptus stems and soft ivory candles placed at the center of a square table. Enhance the look with matching copper cutlery and crisp white napkins.

Pro Tip: Use Silver Drop eucalyptus for its compact leaves that easily fit into lanterns and other containers.

Eucalyptus and Lavender

A relaxed centerpiece with a mix of eucalyptus and lavender sprigs in a rustic ceramic pitcher. Add lavender-colored napkins and simple white plates for a cohesive, aromatic setting.

Pro Tip: Drape a few eucalyptus sprigs around the base of the pitcher to anchor the arrangement visually.

Floating Eucalyptus

A low glass bowl filled with water, floating eucalyptus leaves, and floating candles. This simple yet elegant centerpiece pairs well with minimalistic white tableware and linen napkins.

Pro Tip: Use preserved eucalyptus leaves to ensure they stay buoyant throughout the event.

Going High

Bring your centerpiece to new heights by opting for a tall vase. And while eucalyptis is lovely with white flowers it doesn’t mean colorful replacements are any less gorgeous. Go for a variety of colorful roses and you will see what we mean.

Pro Tip: If roses are not in your budget, try carnations.

Vintage Milk Can

A vintage milk can overflowing with eucalyptus, daisies, and wildflowers, set at the center of a square table. Complement with vintage-style table settings and lace doilies for a nostalgic feel.

Pro Tip: For added charm, tie a burlap ribbon around the milk can.

Eucalyptus and Roses

A romantic arrangement of eucalyptus and blush pink roses in a classic white ceramic vase. Pair this with rose gold tableware and blush napkins for an elegant and cohesive look.

Pro Tip: Add Baby Blue eucalyptus to soften the edges of the arrangement and highlight the delicate roses.

Eucalyptus and Candles

A large eucalyptus garland laid flat on a rectangular table, with white pillar candles placed in the center. This minimalist design is perfect for a modern, clean aesthetic.

Pro Tip: Secure the eucalyptus to the garland with floral wire to maintain its shape and structure.

eucalyptus centerpiece

Rustic Wooden Box

A long wooden box filled with eucalyptus, sunflowers, and burlap-wrapped candles. This centerpiece runs the length of the table, creating a warm and inviting rustic charm.

Pro Tip: Incorporate Seeded Eucalyptus to add volume and texture to the arrangement.

Incorporating eucalyptus into your wedding centerpieces adds natural beauty and sophistication to your decor. Whether you prefer simple elegance or lush arrangements, these ideas can be customized to suit any wedding style.

Remember, mixing different types of eucalyptus can enhance the texture and fullness of your centerpieces. Happy planning!

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