20 Royal Blue Centerpieces For Weddings

royal blue centerpiece ideas

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Royal blue is a timeless and elegant color that can add a touch of sophistication to any wedding.

Incorporating royal blue into your wedding design can be as simple as using it in your floral arrangements, table settings, or decor accents.

From blue hydrangeas to delphiniums, there are various beautiful blue flowers that can enhance your wedding’s aesthetic.

Below, we’ve collected 20 stunning royal blue centerpieces, ranging from budget-friendly to extravagant, to inspire your special day.

Royal Blue Arrangement

Royal Blue Centerpieces

Simple Elegance Centerpiece

A clear glass vase filled with water, a bouquet of white roses, and baby’s breath. The table is adorned with a navy blue runner and silver tealight candles.

Pro Tip: Add small mirrors under the vases to enhance the reflection and create a brighter, more open space on your tables.

Rustic Charm Centerpiece

Mason jars wrapped in burlap and lace, filled with wildflowers including cornflowers and white daisies. The table features a dark blue tablecloth and wooden place card holders.

Pro Tip: Use mismatched mason jars for a more authentic rustic feel and consider adding some fairy lights around the jars for a magical touch.

Modern Minimalism Centerpiece

Tall cylindrical vases with single stems of blue hydrangeas submerged in water. The table has a crisp white tablecloth with navy blue napkins and silver cutlery.

Pro Tip: Incorporate sleek, modern candle holders to complement the minimalist look and add warmth to the table setting.

Chic Simplicity Centerpiece

Small, square glass vases with floating white candles and blue delphiniums. The table is decorated with a navy blue silk runner and clear glass pebbles.

Pro Tip: Scatter additional glass pebbles around the vases for added texture and a cohesive look.

royal blue centerpiece ideas

Beach Bliss Centerpiece

Clear glass bowls filled with sand and seashells, topped with blue orchids. The table setting includes a light blue tablecloth and white lanterns.

Pro Tip: Include small starfish or other beach-themed elements around the centerpiece to enhance the coastal vibe.

royal blue centerpiece ideas

Vintage Vibes Centerpiece

Antique silver goblets filled with blue anemones and white lisianthus. The table features a lace tablecloth and vintage-style votive candles.

Pro Tip: Pair with vintage-inspired cutlery and dishes to complete the look and enhance the overall theme.

Garden Fresh Centerpiece

White ceramic pitchers filled with a mix of royal blue irises and white tulips. The table is set with a navy blue runner and green foliage accents.

Pro Tip: Add some fresh herbs like rosemary or lavender to the arrangement for an aromatic touch.

Elegant Simplicity Centerpiece

Tall, slender glass vases with royal blue Delphinium. The table includes a navy blue tablecloth and small, mirrored candle holders.

Pro Tip: Use tall, tapered candles in matching glass holders to create height and drama.

Classic Romance Centerpiece

Gold glass vases filled with blue hydrangeas and white roses. The table setup includes a navy blue satin runner and gold charger plates.

Pro Tip: Incorporate gold cutlery and gold-edged glassware to further tie in the gold accents of the centerpiece.

royal blue centerpiece ideas

Whimsical Delight Centerpiece

Small birdcages painted white, filled with blue forget-me-nots and fairy lights. The table features a rustic wooden centerpiece and navy blue napkins.

Pro Tip: Attach small name cards or tags to the birdcages for a dual-purpose centerpiece and place card holder.

royal blue centerpiece ideas

Sophisticated Style Centerpiece

Crystal vases with arrangements of blue delphiniums and white peonies. The table is adorned with a navy blue tablecloth and crystal candlesticks.

Pro Tip: Place crystal or glass beads at the base of the vases to add an extra sparkle to the tablescape.

Nautical Theme Centerpiece

Rope-wrapped vases filled with blue delphiniums and white chrysanthemums. The table is set with a navy blue and white-striped runner and seashell accents.

Pro Tip: Use nautical-themed table numbers or signs to enhance the maritime feel.

Rustic Elegance Centerpiece

Wooden boxes filled with blue thistles, white spray roses, and eucalyptus. The table features a navy blue burlap runner and mason jar candles.

Pro Tip: Tie navy blue ribbons around the wooden boxes for an added touch of color and elegance.

Glamorous Touch Centerpiece

Tall, silver candelabras with hanging crystals and arrangements of blue hydrangeas. The table has a navy blue sequin tablecloth and silver charger plates.

Floral Fantasy Centerpiece

Clear glass bowls with floating blue lotus flowers and candles. The table setup includes a navy blue silk runner and crystal vase fillers.

Pro Tip: Sprinkle flower petals around the bowls for a romantic and unified look.

royal blue centerpiece ideas

Timeless Tradition Centerpiece

White ceramic vases filled with blue delphiniums and white lilies. The table features a navy blue lace runner and white votive candles.

Pro Tip: Incorporate lace under the vases to enhance the traditional and vintage feel.

Modern Glam Centerpiece

Geometric vases with blue orchids and white calla lilies. The table is decorated with a navy blue velvet tablecloth and metallic gold accents.

Pro Tip: Use geometric place card holders to tie in the theme and add a modern touch to your table settings.

Romantic Garden Centerpiece

Pots with moss, blue hyacinths, and white gardenias. The table includes a navy blue linen runner and mini lanterns.

Pro Tip: Add small fairy lights within the moss for a whimsical, garden-like ambiance.

Elegant Simplicity Centerpiece

White porcelain vases with stems of blue hydrangeas. The table has a navy blue tablecloth and scattered white rose petals.

Pro Tip: Surround the vases with votive candles to create a soft, romantic glow.

Fairytale Elegance Centerpiece

Glass terrariums filled with blue succulents and fairy lights. The table features a navy blue silk runner and silver votive candles.

Pro Tip: Add small crystals or glass gems within the terrariums to catch the light and create a magical effect.

My Final Thoughts

Choosing the right centerpiece can elevate the elegance and thematic consistency of your wedding.

When selecting royal blue centerpieces, consider how they will complement your overall decor and the atmosphere you wish to create. Whether opting for simple, budget-friendly options or more elaborate designs, these ideas can help bring your vision to life.

For brides-to-be, don’t hesitate to personalize each centerpiece to reflect your unique style. Small details like matching table settings, coordinated linens, and cohesive lighting can make all the difference. Happy planning!

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