24 Beautiful Floral Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

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Floral wedding cakes are a stunning centerpiece for any wedding reception. The incorporation of flowers, whether fresh, faux, or crafted from sugar and fondant, adds elegance and beauty that can complement a variety of wedding styles.

Flowers such as roses, peonies, daisies, and orchids are popular choices due to their timeless appeal and versatility. However, choosing the right type of floral decoration involves considering the pros and cons of each option.

Fresh flowers bring a natural and vibrant touch to your cake but require careful selection to ensure they are non-toxic and food-safe.

Faux flowers provide durability and consistency in appearance, making them a practical choice for intricate designs. Sugar, fondant, and buttercream flowers offer an edible solution that can be customized to match your wedding palette perfectly.

Below, we present 24 beautiful floral wedding cake designs to inspire your special day.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Floral Wedding Cakes

Elegant Rose Cascade Cake

A three-tier round cake covered in smooth white fondant, featuring a cascading arrangement of red sugar roses from the top tier to the base. Each tier is separated by a delicate silver ribbon.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Simplistic Daisies Delight

A two-tier square cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, decorated with fresh white daisies and green leaves around the edges.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Vintage Garden Cake

A tiered round cake with ivory fondant and intricate lace piping. It is adorned with fresh pastel-colored roses and peonies, with a vintage birdcage.

Lush Floral Wreath Cake

A two-tier semi-naked cake with cream cheese frosting, featuring a large wreath of fresh wildflowers around the base of each tier. The top is crowned with a small flower arrangement.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Sophisticated Sugar Peony Cake

A three-tier hexagon cake with a smooth marbled fondant finish in shades of pink and grey. It is decorated with large handcrafted sugar peonies and gold accents.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Rustic Lavender Cake

A two-tier naked cake with vanilla buttercream. Fresh sprigs of lavender and rosemary are tucked between the layers and on top.

Classic White Rose Cake

A four-tier round cake with white royal icing and piped scrollwork. Each tier is encircled with white sugar roses, and the top is adorned with a single large sugar rose.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Tropical Blooms Cake

A tiered round cake with bright coral buttercream. Decorated with fresh tropical flowers like hibiscus and orchids, and green palm leaves for a vibrant look.

Minimalist Eucalyptus Cake

A tiered rectangular cake with smooth buttercream frosting in a soft sage green. Adorned with fresh eucalyptus leaves and tiny white filler flowers.

Elegant Orchid Cake

A four-tier round cake with ivory fondant and delicate hand-painted gold branches. Decorated with cascading purple and white sugar orchids.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Boho Chic Cake

A three-tiered naked cake with whipped cream frosting. Topped with fresh flowers including sunflowers, dahlias, and greenery for a bohemian vibe.

Romantic Rose Cake

A two-tier round cake with blush pink buttercream and ruffled edges. It features fresh Roses in shades of pink and white as the main decoration.

Glamorous Gold Leaf Cake

A four-tiered round cake with marbled fondant in white and grey, accented with edible gold leaf. Decorated with handmade sugar flowers in white and gold.

Pastel Garden Cake

A three-tiered round cake with pastel-colored buttercream and floral piping. Adorned with fresh flowers in coordinating pastel hues like roses, peonies, and hydrangeas.

Modern Geometric Cake

A three-tier square cake with white fondant and geometric gold lines. It is decorated with vibrant sugar flowers, including tulips and anemones.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Country Chic Sunflower Cake

A three-tier semi-naked cake with vanilla buttercream. Topped with fresh sunflowers and a rustic burlap ribbon around each tier.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Delicate Hydrangea Cake

A four-tiered round cake with pale blue buttercream and white lace piping. Decorated with fresh white and blue hydrangea blooms.

Elegant Calla Lily Cake

A three-tier hexagon cake with smooth white fondant. Adorned with handmade sugar calla lilies and greenery, with a sleek pearl border.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Charming Cherry Blossom Cake

A two-tier round cake with light pink fondant and hand-painted cherry blossom branches. Topped with a few delicate sugar cherry blossoms.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Whimsical Wildflower Cake

A three-tier round cake with buttercream frosting in a gradient of sunset colors. Decorated with fresh wildflowers and a “Love” cake topper.

Classic Elegance Cake

A four-tier round cake with white fondant and intricate lace piping. Adorned with fresh white roses.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Rustic Woodland Cake

A three-tiered naked cake with chocolate ganache drip. Decorated with fresh forest flowers, ferns, and a wooden “Mr. & Mrs.” topper.

Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Fairy Tale Rose Cake

A tiered round cake with pale pink fondant and delicate gold piping. Adorned with cascading fresh roses in shades of pink and white.

Fresh Lemon Flower Cake

A two-tier lemon cake with lemon buttercream. Decorated with fresh yellow and white flowers, lemon slices, and green leaves for a fresh, zesty look.

My Final Thoughts

When choosing a floral wedding cake, consider the overall theme and color scheme of your wedding. Discuss with your baker the best options for flowers, ensuring they complement your vision while being safe and practical.

Whether you opt for fresh blooms, faux flowers, or intricately crafted sugar flowers, each type offers unique benefits to enhance your special day. Happy planning!

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