16 Creative Luau Cake Ideas For Your Next Party

Luau Cake

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Luau parties are a delightful way to bring the spirit of the Hawaiian islands to your own backyard. From vibrant tropical decor to delicious island-inspired dishes, these gatherings are all about fun, relaxation, and celebration.

I still remember the first luau party I attended; the atmosphere was electric with laughter, hula dancing, and the smell of delicious food. They cooked a whole pig in a pit, it was truly awesome.

The highlight, however, was the time spent with friends and family.

If you’re planning a luau and want your dessert table to steal the show, these 16 creative luau cake ideas will help inspire you.

Tropical Fruit Cake

A single-layer cake with creamy buttercream frosting adorned with fresh tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, and kiwi. Decorate with a light dusting of shredded coconut to add texture and flavor.

Pro Tip: Arrange the fruit just before serving to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.

Luau Cake

Hibiscus Flower Cake

This round cake is covered in pale pink frosting and topped with piped hibiscus flowers in varying shades of pink and green leaves for a simple yet elegant look.

Pro Tip: Use gel food colors for more vibrant and precise flower designs.

Luau Cake

Palm Tree Cake

A rectangular chocolate cake with green buttercream frosting and piped palm tree designs using brown and green icing. Add a few edible sand accents around the base using crushed graham crackers.

Pro Tip: Don’t want to attempt to make palm trees then grab some cake topper palm trees.

Luau Cake

Coconut Cake

A cake with white cream cheese frosting. Cover the sides with toasted coconut flakes and top with a few tropical flowers made from fondant.

Pro Tip: Toast the coconut flakes to a golden brown for added flavor and crunch. You can do this in the oven or on the stove.

Luau Cake

Beach Scene Cake

A round cake with ombre blue buttercream frosting to mimic the ocean. Create a small sandy beach section with crushed graham crackers and add tiny fondant beach items like flip flops or a palm tree.

Pro Tip: Use a small offset spatula to create wave patterns in the blue frosting.

Luau Cake

Tiki Mask Cake

A rectangular chocolate cake with brown frosting decorated with colorful fondant shapes to create a vibrant tiki mask design on top.

Pro Tip: Roll out the fondant thinly and use cookie cutters for precise shapes. You can also decorate your tiki mask with candy and cookies.

Luau Cake

Mango Passionfruit Cake

A two-layer mango passionfruit cake with bright yellow frosting garnished with small edible flowers.

Pro Tip: Use fresh mango for a sweet, fresh flavor.

Luau Cake

Flamingo Cake

This round strawberry cake with soft pink frosting is adorned with a flamingo topper and a few tropical leaves.

Pro Tip: Use a palm leaf cookie cutter to create fast leaves.

Luau Cake

Luau Sheet Cake

A rectangular cake decorated to look like a Hawaiian shirt. Use colorful buttercream frosting to create floral patterns in bright colors like red, yellow, and green.

Pro Tip: Sketch your design on parchment paper first to plan out the floral patterns.

Luau Cake

Surfboard Cake

A round cake with blue ombre frosting resembling waves. Place a fondant surfboard on top with a few white icing accents for foam.

Pro Tip: Add a touch of edible glitter to the waves for a sparkling ocean effect.

Luau Cake

Lei Cake

A round cake with white frosting piped with a ring of colorful flower designs around the top edge to resemble a lei.

Pro Tip: Use a variety of piping tips for different flower shapes and textures.

Luau Cake

Hula Girl Cake

This two-layer cake with green frosting features fondant decorations of a hula girl and tropical flowers around the cake.

Pro Tip: Use a toy doll and pipe Hawaiian attire on it.

Luau Cake

Volcano Cake

An elaborately designed volcano-shaped cake with chocolate frosting and red and orange icing to create lava flowing down the sides. Top with a small fondant palm tree.

Pro Tip: Carve the cake into a volcano shape while it’s slightly frozen for easier sculpting.

Luau Cake

Tropical Sunset Cake

A round cake with gradient sunset-colored frosting (yellow, orange, red) and silhouettes of palm trees piped along the base.

Pro Tip: Blend the colors gradually for a smooth gradient effect.

Luau Cake

Naked Luau Cake

For the beauty of a naked cake, I recommend going with two or three years. This will make for an impressive look with minimal work. Grab some edible tropical flowers like hibiscus, or create your own fondant flowers.

Pro Tip: Go with a light color cake like vanilla or lemon to keep up with that bright tropical vibe.

Luau Cake

Mini Luau Cupcakes

Simplistic mini cupcakes with various tropical design toppings like tiny edible umbrellas, sugar flowers, or fruit slices with vibrant colored frosting.

Pro Tip: Mix a few drops of coconut extract into the frosting for an extra tropical twist.

Luau cupcake

My Final Thoughts

Throwing a luau party can be a delightful experience filled with vibrant decor, delicious food, and, of course, stunning cakes.

When planning your event, remember to embrace the tropical theme fully—from hibiscus flowers to tiki torches—and encourage guests to dress in their best Hawaiian attire.

With these creative luau cake ideas, your dessert table is sure to be the centerpiece of the celebration. Happy baking and aloha!

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